Online Store Policies

Payment Methods

Pay on Pickup: If you wish to pick up your online purchase in-store, you're welcome to pay in-store through our normal register checkout. Please be advised that any purchase for which this option has been selected, and has not been picked up within five business days without prior arrangement, will be considered abandoned and will be restocked. 

Postal Money Order: We understand that some customers are hesitant to put their credit or debit card details on the internet, and therefore are more than happy to accept payment by USPS Money Order. A supplemental processing fee of $2.00 will be added to any purchase using this option. Your order will be shipped on receipt of the money order by us. If the money order is not received within 10 business days, we will attempt to contact you using the contact information you enter upon your checkout. Should you fail to respond within 5 business days, the products will be considered abandoned and restocked. 

ShopKeep Secure Checkout: Powered by the same software we use in-store to process cards, ShopKeep provides an easy, expeditious way of paying using a credit or debit card.

PayPal Checkout: As it's name suggests- by popular demand, we've integrated PayPal into our web store, and it's as simple to use as ever.

Shipping, Returns, and Local Pickup

We currently offer shipping via USPS and UPS. Shipping is calculated using the product's size and weight, plus a couple of other factors. Any shipping overcharge will be refunded to your card or PayPal within 5 business days of purchase. 

Due to the small scale of our operation (most days it's just two of us here at the store), our return policy is currently for tax-free store credit only. If you have more questions about this please contact us. Any items in the "bargain bin" are sold as-is, with no returns.

Any item you purchase on the online store will be available for in-store pickup at our storefront in East Rochester, NY during our normal business hours. Unfortunately, we do not currently offer a delivery service, but that is in the works for future expansions.

International Shipping

If mail can go to it, we'll ship to it! It's just not a regular option at checkout, so if you're ordering from outside the United States, please send us an email detailing your request- what you'd like to purchase and what country you'd like us to send it to. From there, we'll walk you through the rest. 

Because Customs & Border Protection is Customs & Border Protection, all international shipments will incur an additonal $1.50 surcharge to cover the time it takes to fill out the necessary paperwork. The recipient is responsible for paying all import taxes and tarrifs.